I have columns with a mixture of text and numbers eg


How can I count the number of CF and number of CM please

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Thanks great help by all

If you have many text variations, you can use a pivot table

Quick Counting With Pivot Table

There is a function to do it:


Please take a look in the help about the function and the regular expressions.

Sorry I tried that and for sum reason function would not work returns 0 all the time.

@Nifty regular expressions can be disabled in the (advanced) options/settings screen. Perhaps yours is disabled? CF.* would match anything containing CF, followed by any number of characters.

image description

I’m assuming that you only have one letter/number combination in each cell. Use the image above as a guide. In the example, paste this formula in cell B2:

=IF(LEFT(A2,2)="CF", 1, 0)

and this one in C2:

=IF(LEFT(A2,2)="CM", 1, 0)

Drag the cell handle of each of these cells down to fill the formulas down to the end of your data. Then sum columns B and C.