create floating footer with =sum() equations?

I’d like to create a floating footer (a single row at the bottom of my calc document) which is bound to the very bottom of the scrolling screen. If I’m looking at row 1-10 it would hover over row 10, if i scroll down to rows 26-36, it floats over row 36 at the bottom, but the footer always shows whatever sum equation for the respective columns.

I’m using calc to do a day by day data entry for money profits and losses from various sources (each source a column) and want my net profit for each column to be easily accessible, even while entering a new row (new day) in.


AFAIK there is no way to fix a total line.
A common way (workaround) to do this is to create this total row at the top of the sheet (just above or below the column headers) and then fix that row with the headers.

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To have it stay at top, and/or at left, from pull down… View / Freeze Cell