Create LO Calc menus on-the-fly

In the past I used Excel VBA to create Add-in menus the same way as from here. But now in my own new office, we only use Fedora 30 Workstation, LibreOffice 6.4.x.x.x and Fedora 30 Server for we have left MS Windows and MS Office for over one year.
Can LO BASIC or Python create menus like that ?

Look at this extension (creates both menu items and a toolbar):


Sorry for not responding to this sooner.

You can use macros (Basic, Python and more) to create menus on-the-fly. Haven’t any current samples using Calc. All my initial work was done with Base which has a more complex manner of menu levels than other modules in LO.

I have posted a Base sample and document here → Base Macros to Modify Menubars. There is a bit of information in the document regarding other modules. Have tested with Writer & Calc some time ago and it is less complex than Base. Sorry, no current samples of these but probably can produce if necessary.

None of it is simple. Some of the methods tried (like changing an item in an existing Menu bar) presented erroneous results.


Noted and thank you so much for your support and your concern.

Now I am moving all works from MS Excel and to LO Calc and Base.

Next step is from MS Excel VBA to LO Calc BASIC Macro.

I am also reading Andrew Pitonyak’s tutorials, he also mentioned the slight difference between LO Basic Macro vs. VB.

Python will be the last and very far in the future for I have not so much time.

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