Creating Tables in Calc

Indeed, when an Excel Table is extended, Excel generates a new row, uses banding color for clarity, copies formulae present in the existing row, moves cell focus to the new row and 1st column, etc… It is a real time saver.

But, there is another significant advantage to Excel Tables not yet mentioned here: Associated Charts Are Extended Automatically

  1. Assume you are in Excel and you’ve created a Table with 1 row of headers and 5 rows of data/formulae/etc…
  2. Assume you’ve created a Chart (e.g. line graph) that includes all 6 rows (header + data).
  3. When you extend the Excel Table, Excel creates and inserts a new empty row automatically. When you the user enter the data/formulae/etc… the row is now complete. The associated Chart automatically adds that new complete row into the Chart. This is incredibly helpful and saves time.

Use-Case: Financial Data Entry

  • Your row might include a date, a cost basis, a current market value.
  • You have 5 months of data, from January 1, 2020 to May 1, 2020. Your Chart has 5 data points.
  • When you extend the Excel Table and add a 6th set of data, your Chart automatically extends to include the 6th set of data (e.g. June 1, 2020). Normally, you would have to edit the chart and the chart’s data ranges. That takes time and multiple clicks.

In summary, I would be happy to see LibreOffice add Excel Tables as a feature.

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I cant understand why something like this has not been implemented yet.

LibreOffice has a database component which is by far more powerful than any fake tables on a calculator’s grid.