Ctrl+Shift+Enter isn't working as expected.

I’m coming from a Microsoft Office background. One of the most common features I use in excel is the Ctrl+Enter/Ctrl+Shift+Enter that allows one to put a formula in a single cell and populate each successive row/column with the corresponding row/column variables; whether it be a vertical selection, or a horizontal selection (slightly different behaviors).

I just can’t seem to do this with LibreOffice. I’ve scoured google for more time than I should have; the only thing that comes even close to what I’m looking for is ArrayFunctions which doesn’t provide the behavior described above.

I’ve been wanting to move my entire extended family to an Open Source Alternative for years now (since 1999) but there are common tasks that have either been overlooked; or have a huge (unacceptable) learning curve when coming in at the level of an average office worker knowledgebase.

I’m fairly certain that “I” could get similar functionality using the python features, but one shouldn’t need to know how to program to use basic features.

So is there something simple (obtuse) that I just overlooked or is this software still not ready?

Calc v6.0.1.1 x64 Windows

Update: Apparently there is no simple way of doing what I have described above. This will present a major issue with any future adoption of open source as this feature is used frequently by office workers (myself included). I’ve since edited and retagged this as a feature request so it is clearer and hopefully can be implemented at some point. I’ll check back in a few years.

I’m not much of a formula user, but I looked up what Ctrl+Enter does in Excel, and it looks like it just enters some content into all the cells in the selection, shifting the variables as appropriate. Your question (just the first paragraph really) was hard to understand, but seems to be about the same thing. If so, LO Calc does this with Alt+Enter, which works both horizontally and vertically. If not, you need to clarify.

Maybe you are talking about Fill Down / Fill Right? Your question seems somewhat vague, and it would help to give an example. We are experts in LibreOffice but may not be familiar with what certain key combinations do in MS Excel. If you did add a feature request at bugzilla then please post a link to the request. (You realize that feature requests are off-topic for this site?)

I am having the exact same problem in Calc (x64)

Old question, so hopefully @dundlr learned this: after being extremely frustrated not finding answers online, by experimenting I discovered keyboard entry only works with the Right Hand Side Ctrl+Shift Combination.

Not sure if this is a Windows issue, but I’m betting this is a Calc coding issue from past user support experiences.

Will be installing the latest stable version this week and hopefully that will fix it.

I bet your problem is a Windows or other key-binding problem and it’s not even related to the question because the original questioner said he was not asking for array functions, which Shift+Ctrl+Enter in Calc does. Shift+Ctrl+Enter works for me on Linux using the left hand Shift+Ctrl and I never heard before that it wouldn’t.

@erAck Then I am in the awesome position to inform you of this possibility! It does not work under xfce4, basically left CTRL cannot be combined with left SHIFT, but any other combo works: either RCTRL+LSHIFT, LCTRL+RSHIFT or RCTRL+RSHIFT.

Awesome. .

i can confirm @grin that either opposing side Ctrl-Shift or same-side right Ctrl-Shift–but not left side Ctrl-Shift ( LibreOffice (x64), Win10)

To confirm that this is a Windows problem, I searched for other Windows apps that use a Ctrl-Shift-Enter hotkey and (surprise!) learned that you can use Ctrl-Shift-Enter in the Run dialog to run programs as administrator. Left Ctrl-Shift doesn’t work there either :frowning:

Please take a look: Array functions

If you had read my initial post you would have seen that I have already done just that and not found an acceptable answer. As it has been several days now, I’ll take your answer to mean that the software is simply not ready for average use and plan accordingly.