Delete custom styles in Calc

I have created a few custom styles in Calc (LibreOffice in Xubuntu 16.04), but I am unable to delete them.

This seems to be a recurring issue in LibreOffice, but the last reference to it I could find was from years ago.

I can right-click on a custom style in the ‘Styles and Formatting’ sidebar, and click the ‘Delete…’ option, but the style is never deleted. In every view type except ‘Hierarchical’ the style is not removed from the list. In the ‘Hierarchical’ view, the style is initially removed from the list, but on switching to another view and back to Hierarchical, the style is still displayed in the list.

Is there some obscure trick to this, or is it the same old bug again?


What you describe happens when (at least) one sheet is protected (Tools > Protect Sheet). In this case it is impossible to delete a style. Would not you be in that case?


Yes, you’re right, a sheet was protected. I didn’t think that would be a problem because the style I am trying to delete is not being used anywhere in the document. Once I unprotected the sheet I could delete the style. Thanks.