Discussion about writing with a lot of math content

Hi all,
Probably this is less technical question.
More like asking other user experience/opinion.
When we write, more often, we want to focus on the content, and do the formatting etc later.
As much as possible try to keep writing and focus.
But writing with a lot of math/formula object (either inline or numbered formula), is quite different thing.
Use mouse to find the toolbar insert formula, save, then quit the math app, start writing again, is not very convenient.
Then I set a shortcut for inserting Formula into Writer, so I don’t need to use my mouse.
Use the short-cut (enter the Math app)–> write the formula → save it (ctrl s) → quit the app (Esc) → to continue writing (in Writer), I press Esc one more time, such that I’m not selecting the math object, unfortunately sometimes the cursor is on the left of the formula, → press right arrow → continue writing.
Not very convenient but is there a better way?

Also, I still cannot find a way to modify the math object, unless I use my mouse for double-clicking or right-click → edit.
Using the short-cut for inserting formula is just replacing the formula with empty one.

I just want to know other experience about this.
I’m sure there are better ways to do this.


Why not choose menu Insert - Object - Formula…,¹ type the formula, Esc, Esc, and continue writting?

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

¹ The same that Alt, I, O, F or your shortcut key.

To select an appropriate shortcut key:

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Hi @Ago, thanks for your answer. Perhaps my explanation wasn’t clear enough. But this method is what I’ve been using now.
In fact i assigned special shortcut (not using Alt), then press Esq twice just like you wrote.
But there are two inconvenient situations:

  1. More often the cursor is on the left of the equation (sometimes not), such that i have to press arrow.
  2. I can’t edit the formula, unless i use my mouse, which create a lot of distraction during writing.
    Imagine when you write one paragraph with many inline equation, repeating symbols (all use Math object). Sometimes you forgot what you want to write, just because you need to find the mouse and so on.

None of the above method is a problem. I’m just surveying if there’s other option. :slight_smile:

As you were already told, Math is usable “standalone” to create formula documents (.odf), but it actually is rarely used this way. Generally it’s used inside (subordinate to) Writer to create the formuals as OLE objects “in situ”.

If you are familiar with the symbols and special characters you need to use in the Math editor, and don’t need permanent “wysiwyg” controll, you can do as I suggested in this thread: Macro to convert text to math formula which provided a macro converting special texts subsequently in one got to the formulas and inserting them as the OLE objects accepted by Writer. The macro is contained there and demonstrated in an attached document.

You can also make use of AutoText items to create standard templates|patterns for formulas where you fill in and edit details later. This you can combine with capturing and the like as discussed here: How to typeset theorems and definitions?

Hi @Lupp. It seems I will try the first suggestion. It’s like making the writer more “wysiwym”.