Document is now read-only

I was editing this (.odt) document last thing yesterday with no problem. Today I open it and LO Writer tells me it’s opened in read-only mode. I changed to Edit mode, but it still can’t be edited. The file permissions are read+write. There is no lock file in the folder.

Is this a bug? Was there something I did to make this happen?

I know I can use Save As… but I’d like to know why this happened.

Ubuntu 18.04.4

EDIT: Uh oh, EVERY document I open is read-only.

The answer was NTFS! Documents on ext4 partitions were OK. I use Windows for gaming and shut down last night instead of rebooting which seems to have put the filesystem into a different state than usual. After rebooting to Windows and back to Ubuntu the problem is solved.

The moral: be careful of MS Black Magic.

Weird that I can’t accept my own answer.

now you can :slight_smile:

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