Documentation for Using Coooder Extension

The Libreoffice plugin Coooder seems great. I cannot however figure out how to use it. I don’t find any new entries in the menu system after I have loaded it … and I also cannot find any online documentation on how to use it. I am however certain that it has loaded because it shows up in the extensions view.

As a general remark:

Additions to Menus or Toolbars after
installing an extension will not be
applied to windows that are already

Directly after installing Coooder, you will not see a difference, but after you opened a new document, you’ll have both an additional toolbar (consisting only of one button with a “<>” symbol on it), as well as a Menu entry Tools|Add-Ons → COOoder

So to use:

  • highlight the sourcecode that you want to format
  • choose Tools|Add-Ons → COOoder
  • in the window that appears, pick the programming language

That’s it.
In case you don’t see the toolbar, or want to get it back after you did close it, choose View|Toolbars - the Coooder toolbar doesn’t have a custom name, so it appears as “Add-On 1” (or a different number, in case you already have other extensions that add unnamed toolbars installed)

It’s not working LibreOffice 4.0.2, on Unity inside Ubuntu 13.04 Raring x86. I’ve even installed “libreoffice-dev” package, because it seems Coooder depends of it on Linux. I guess it’ll work only on LibreOffice 3.6.x or lower.