Does Calc has any feature similar to POWER QUERY in excel?

I send and request additional column(s) to be filled in a sheet from say 30 sales reps of my zone.
Each sales rep has a unique identity no assigned to it and the sheet has columns like this:
Sales Rep ID | Customer Name | Customer Account No | Sales item | Feedback
Now all data other than last column (feedback) is already there when I send the file to these 30 reps
These 30 reps will update Feedback column and send back the file. Now I need to update the data from
these 30 files to my original file. How to do that without copying data from each file separately and updating it manually?

It does not seem to be the case for the moment, as the feature comparison list shows:

However, an extension exists that does something similar, in case that helps: Query Conector
This is the official website: Queryconnector

On the LO extension website:

The problem is, it doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2017, and users report it being broken on some LO versions from 5.4 and above: Issues · balthier82/queryconnector · GitHub

If you want to try the latest version and see if it works for you, it is available here: GitHub - balthier82/queryconnector: QueryConnector - Attach queries on OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet documents. (the version on the extension website is older)

Is powerquery similar to Excel VBA? I’ve been using it extensively for a solar installation company to pull together some electrical API data but wondering if it can be done with Libreoffice now as well.

@mlopez : For something like Excel VBA, I think you should use Access2Base in LibreOffice. It used to be an extension, but is now integrated into LO. See this: Access2Base