don't need impress or calc

I only need Write and Base. Is there a way to remove at least their links on teh left-side menu?

I’ve twice said I’m not a programmer. And the responses have been that I should program. And then I’m attacked because those telling me to program are NOT LISTENING.

I’m out of here – I have no tolerance for people who are so full of themselves that they simply don’t know how to LISTEN/READ what is actually WRITTEN.

A total waste of time for anyone who isn’t a member of the club.

“on teh left-side menu?”

Which left side menu do you meant?

  • The File menu of the LO??

  • Favorites list in Linux??

  • …Or some other menu???

On the interface, which lists all six programs, of four of which I have no use.

I get it: programmers programming for each other. A closed club.

“On the interface, which lists all six programs, of four of which I have no use.”

Those six little icons bother you? Arghhh!!

Not “remove”, but at least “disable” (although this has absolutely no sense). Just remove (or change extensions of) <install location>/share/registry/<unneeded module name>.xcd. This required admin rights on the system, and will need repeating after an update.

E.g., on Windows, renaming C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\share\registry\calc.xcd to C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\share\registry\calc.xcd.bak gives this:

The possibility to choose this at installation time was removed from Windows installer at v.4.2. This old option gave no upsides, but broke a lot, not only the ability to work with certain file types, but also the rest of modules functionality-wise (e.g., disabling Calc would make it impossible to use spreadsheets as data source for Mail Merge in Writer).

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As said, I am not a programmer. I’m a professional writer who doesn’t need functions that constitute bloat. So far, you aren’t LISTENING.


“We’ve always done it this way” = bloatware.

“How can it be improved?” = Let’s LISTEN.

@JNagarya it seems you are the one who isn’t listening. The code is shared amongst the different applications for minimum size.

What you are suggesting is like buying a car, taking the back seats out and expecting double the mileage because it can only seat half as many people. Sorry, I know that similes create bloat.

@EarnestAl: it’s waste of time trying to explain something to @JNagarya. They seem to type things randomly, at random places, talking to imaginary people and imaginary arguments, and pretend to tell something that is on-topic here. Thanks for trying, though :slight_smile:

The LibreOffice is a really integrated office suite (instead of the MSO what has standalone/independent applications: Word, Excel, etc…)
The LibreOffice will launch SAME binary file (soffice.bin) with DIFFERENT settings and parameters when you want to use the Writer, the Calc, etc… applications.

The AOO/LO applications use a lot of COMMON features, functions, what you MUST install for a proper working.

Therefore you can not spare any place on your HDD when you try to “not install” the small size launcher of the Impress or Calc “launcher”.

That it’s “integrated” is the problem. I only need Write and Base. The others are a distraction, and use drive space. At the least, it would be more efficient if one could remove what one doesn’t need from the interface.

The “launcher” isn’t the issue as concerns drive space; it is the integrated modules – “Math,” as example, is not the same module as Write. I don’t need Math".

Not being able to remove the modules I don’t need leaves a cluttered interface.

It may not make sense to you – but we are not the same people. It makes sense to me to have an uncluttered interface and menus. To have efficiency.

" The others are a distraction, and use drive space."

I tried to explain this: The “others” don’t take up much space. The common functions such as language module libraries, common gallery, common dll-s take up much more space than scalc.exe, swriter.exe (etc.) files.

See it in my answer above: a commander software can display the file sizes.

You can not “split” a feature from a common dll, like the 71 MiB size “mergedlo.dll”.

Otherwise the LO is open source project. make your own version - without the features what you not needed.

Twice I’ve said I’m not a programmer. The responses are that I should program, or explaining stuff about programming. It is obvious requests or suggestions for efficiency aren’t welcome.

If the club-members can’t address what is actually posted, then don’t waste everyone’s time responding. I didn’t come here to be entertained by attention-seeking ego-trippers.

Thus I’m out of here. I’ll look for something less amateurish.

You don’t have to be a programmer. A user may also understand that it is not possible to discard common parts from an integrated office suite.

Through the decades there have been various productivity “suites” – not only Microsoft – of separate modules with a common interface.

“it is not possible” = failure of imagination.

The Microsoft Office is not a really integrated office suite. That is only a bunch of different and independent softwares with some common (or similar) property, like the Fonts, Formatting methods…