Downloading latest version of LibreOffice

I have used version 3.4 in Windows 7 and wanted to upgrade to the latest version. However, I’ve tried 3 times and the installation has failed. I keep getting the message that the process was interrupted, even tho I haven’t touched the computer. I don’t want to delete my previous version, as it has many, many documents I need. How can I successfully download without losing my previous documents?

Please have a look at Problem updating - #2 by ROSt53

Additional hint: When you upgrade from 3.x to 4.x I recommend to save first your user file.

In XP the userfile is stored in the …/Application Data/LibreOffice. In W7 it should be very similar or the same. Make sure you can see the Application Data folder; folder properties must be set accordingly.

An upgrade of LibO doesn’t touch your data (Writer, Calc, Impress etc files.)

Also refer the Installing in parallel instructions if the old version is to be kept.