Dragging .png files into Draw shapes

My aim is to drag .png images into shapes in libreoffice draw, allowing the images to stretch to fill the space, no need for ratio to be kept.
Using my windows PC, I open Libreoffice draw and insert shapes, I open file manager and drag each .png file to a shape. Each image takes up the size/shape of the shape.
Using my laptop, running Linux Mint, The only difference is that I have to hold down the shift key while dragging.
Now I have a chromebook with Libreoffice installed into the Linux part and when I drag the images they won’t go into the frames. I have found that you can go through a long-winded process of insert shape, right click, area, image, import, change tiled to stretch, OK. But when doing this for lots of images it’s rather tedious.
I have tried various combinations of keys to use but no luck so far.

Any question?

Ive not used these forum things before, so I don’t really understand what you mean. I thought this was where you can find solutions to problems.

I would assume: “How to get dragNdrop work with a dragged .png image file picked from the file manager trying to drop it on a shape in a Draw page using a chromebook with Libreoffice installed into the Linux part?

But, lacking a chromebook happily, I don’t know an answer.
Anyway I can confirm that the described process works well under Win 10.

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It depends.
There are very special questions sometimes where not many (may be zero) contributors have the needed experience. I haven’t as I already told, and you won’t expect me to buy a chromebook to be able to research the topic for you.
All the contributors here help finding solutions using their spare time and not based on any duty. Coming from older times in many cases we expect to be in a peer-to-peer community. Fact is, however, that many questioners only visit the site to get their answer, and not coming back later to be among the helpers themselves. This is annoying sometimes.
Concerning the newly welcomed @HSTR I have no opinion insofar.

The question wasn’t worded explicitly in the text, but its implicit presentation was clear enough. Others may judge differently! That’s part of the freedom here.
And: To read the guide before posting the first question may not be the worst idea.

Play with key combinations and watch the cursor change, maybe hold down Ctrl+Shift

You can find quite a lot of questions on this, but (I found) no solutions. My guess ChromeOS does not deliver drag’n’drop to the linux sub-system.
Minimum requirement would be availability of the file for linux, but as this works “the tedious way” you solved this.


So this may be a question for Google-support.
Or you may consider switching to linux completely, if drivers for your Chromebook are available. If it is possible to have ChromeOS with a debian-guest, running LibreOffice the system should carry also a regular Linux like Mint.