Draw: Changing line thickness button

Using the up- or down- arrow button to change line thickness (in the Drawing Toolbar) changes the thickness by .02 inches. Can I make it change by .01 inches instead? (Similarly if using mm, it changes by .50 mm, rather than .25 mm)

Try right click on the line, choose Line and set width in Width field.

You can even make a new style with settings you need so when new line is added, all you have to do is apply that custom style and you get what you want more quickly and more efficiently.

Thanks, but this does not address my question. I know I can select the Size and type in whatever decimal I want.
What I’m looking for is a way to change the response of the “Up-Arrow – Down Arrow” button that appears to the right of the width Text Box, so that “Up” changes the thickness by units of .01" rather than by units of .02". It seems odd to me that the “Arrow” button changes the thickness so much - a finer control would be nice.