Dynamic calc charts in writer are possible?

is there any way to have charts from a calc spreadsheet dynamically linked into writer? The copy and paste feature from calc allows static charts to be imported in writer. But what I really want are dynamic links, so that I can modify the data in the (main) calc worksheet and have these changes automatically displayed in writer. I tried a lot of solutions but none was successful. Linking charts from writer is not possible via DDE. So I tried to create for each chart a separate spreadsheet (linked to the main worksheet containing the source data and consisting of more sheets). But it does not work as desirable. The chart worksheet can be created with {links} to the main data worksheet and saved and then linked from writer using a DDE. But when the chart worksheet is just reopened, it shows data from another sheet of the main worksheet, even if its links seems to point to the right worksheet/sheet/cells inside the main worksheet. Updating the sheet linked data (message and button in calc) after reopening the file works, but the new reloaded data cannot be saved. Every time the data saved are not the data I initially pointed to.
Moreover using long paths from time to time get the path of the links (in the chart worksheet) corrupted, with the {links} having some intermediate directories lost (e.g. /home/user/calcdata/ods-charts/filename.ods becames /home/user/ods-charts/filename.ods).



Have done this with macros but real time updating can cause many problems.

For multiple possible solutions, see answers in this post → Create an updatable link from within Writer to a Calc Chart?