edit a macro created in a excel sheet

i have a sheet excel imported, inside that sheet i have some macro, the macro work ok,
now i want to edit some macros,
in microsoft excel the procedure was:
with right mouse button select the macro and choose change or modify macro.
with Libreoffice the right button of the mouse does not select / has no effect on the button that activates the macro,
if I go to the Macros menu - edit a macro, I don’t see the macros in the macro list.
what is the procedure to access the macro?

Going >Tools>Macros>Edit you sould find the Basic IDE opening.
The left panel there should allow to navigate to the macro you want to edit. In your case the macro seems to be contained in the document. Therefore first find the document’s name in that panel, and step down from this position to the library (‘Standard’ most likely) and to the module containing the code you want to work on. Excel often creates a nested structure for a “VBA project”).
Be prepared to fail. VBA support is still ecxperimental to some degree in LibreOffice Basic. The concepts are gravely different.

I take it the macro is connected to a button. To work on the button, choose View-Toolbars-Form_Controls, then click on the design button (a little set-square icon). Now the button is inactive. Double click to open the Control for edit. Under the Events tab, you will find the macro associated with pressing or releasing the button. I have not used excel sheets in calc, but the macro itself should be stored with the other macros. Choose Tools-Macros-Edit_Macros, and look for the Object Catalog (left hand column of the edit macro window) and select your spreadsheet. Somewhere down there I would expect to find the macro connected to the button.

until “now button is inactive” i am with you, but “double click” on what?
on the button double click not have effect.

Sorry not to reply (I lost contact with AskLO), and it’s probably irrelevant by now. I should have said right click on the button and select “control properties”. Then select the “Events” tab and continue as above.