End note will not open when I click on the number in the body of the text

strong text:two_hearts::grin::+1:End note will not open when I click on the number in the body of the text

The help on this page is mostly provided by users like you.
An important aspect is the correct specification of the tags.
Choose at least one of the valid tags that match your situation: Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, Base or Common.
Your question and its description should be as detailed as possible.
When writing your question and description, please keep in mind that no one can look over your shoulder.
Basically you have to specify the operating system and the LibreOffice version (three digits, e.g. 7.3.2).
Furthermore, specify the file type in which you saved.
All important information about your question should be present in the question box, otherwise edit and complete it.
Do not use comments for this.
If you have already fulfilled some of these requirements, so much the better.
If you have not yet received a response, ask yourself the question, how do I make my description interesting enough for other users to want to respond?

You may want to upload a reduced and anonymized file here.

Here you can find the further regulations for this page:


In addition to @Hrbrgr advice, don’t start a conversation at this stage by answering through a comment. A question should be “self-sufficient” so that contributors won’t be forced to read a whole thread to understand what is at stake. A question, its title and tags can always be edited to improve them.