equations in query or form

Want to show a result of the multiplication of two fields in a form. It is a number and a percentage. I am ok with either doing it in the query that gets the data or the form itself (subform in table layout).

Is there a way to easily do this?



There are a few ways to accomplish this without coding. A brief discussion can be seen in a previously asked question Here . Based upon that, an enhancement was requested Seen here but I don’t think it ever was included in LO.

That being said your solution may be relatively easy. I’ve created a sample SQLselect.odb which already has some data entered. Note that when entering a new record, the calculated amount is not available until the record is saved. Once saved, you can go back to the record and the calculated amount is displayed. Also any direct entry into the calculated field is meaningless.

The main elements here are the properties of ‘MainForm’ in the Data tab (Content type and Content).