Example Database for BASE


I need to gain experience in using Base. - Actually Access, but only have Base.

I would like to download a series of tables that I can then manipulate for searching and forming queries, forms and reports.

I have searched but cannot locate a free sample database.

Please advise?


You can find documentation with examples on the wiki.


See my free application SecretaryBird in this forum here and at the website

IIRC: The '_licence.vbs` file with SecretaryBird reads:

SecretaryBird is free software:

Any chance that you can eliminate the “NonCommercial-NoDerivatives” … otherwise bugs cannot be fixed, and SecretaryBird cannot be migrated to new platforms.

Try this location have Base handbook and some examples .


and Bases


Check out the Open Office Forum. It has a wealth of information.

A lot of Base documentation can be found here.

Additionally, you mentioned MS Access. You may want to look at the Access2base website.