[Feature Request]: Community Forum Site Feedback: Introduce Short Links

User Story:
As a user of the Community Forum, I want to be able to enter a short citation to (for example) an accepted solution in (for example) code comments that have to be constrained to a single line. As it stands, the URL to a topic/post is long because it contains the title in full and so cannot easily be cited where space is at a premium. For example:

The accepted solution here cannot be easily cited as the URL is very long

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. Without changing existing site URLs, that some means is provided to obtain a short URL of a post/topic in-site;
  2. That the short URL visibly preserve the domain and so reputation of the destination (i.e. “libreoffice org”) rather than obfuscate it;
  3. That the length of the short URL be no-longer than about the following example: https://ask.libreoffice.org/t/61992.

Thanks in advance.

Why not use the link icon in the editor (chain links, fourth from left) when composing your replies to include a link with short text of your choice?

So the link you show in your question could be posted as see this solution.

  • I did.

I don’t understand either why this url can’t easily be cited, but FWIW short URLs can already be done using https://ask.libreoffice.org/t/-/NNNN (or replacing - with anything not containing /).

Like this. Or using a OneBox:

Might be they want to be able to copy such shorter URL already without having to edit it, to paste it somewhere else where space is a constraint. Like some “permalink short URL”.

All you needed to say was tha in my example:

that I had almost got the syntax right, but that it needed a dummy replacement for the placeholder “-”. I don’t know where that’s documented. Thanks for the solution, but you didn’t need to accompany it with implied criticism.

You’re welcome. What you call “implied criticism” was genuine lack of clue as to what you wanted to do… seems I wasn’t the only one for whom the question wasn’t clear.

Please, if in your opinion a question is unclear, why argue with the OP rather than move-on and answer a question that you can. Replying back saying “your question isn’t clear” is unlikely to end well. A common way of clarifying is to pose a question; “Do you mean X?, if so, then Y.” Sorry to “defend” my question (and example) – to me they’re clear. I would have been happy to clarify in the absence of implied criticism. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Fwiw, that example https://ask.libreoffice.org/t/61992 works perfectly fine for me, with or without -/

So it does @erAck; it’s what I thought may work and it’s what I thought I tried. Sigh. Oh well. It’s what most people want to do this will surely experiment and try without crying here. Sorry then if it worked all along.