[Feature Request] memorize manual hyphenation

I’m using LibreOffice Writer and most of the time are also using full justification for paragraphs, so that the Text on the right side as well as on the left side is justified. Because of this there are quite a lot of gaps between words and I am using the manual hyphenation wit “Control-Key and - Key”. The automatic hyphenation is not good enough - at least for the German language in LibreOffice, so I can’t use that.

My feature request: LibreOffice should store all word hyphenations I do manually so the next time I type the word, it inserts an hyphenation to that word automatically. It wold save me (and others) a lot of time, I’m sure.

  1. Feature requests are off-topic here.
  2. Instead of adding a “feature” to work around a “not good enough” existing feature, better file bug reports against the automatic hyphenation where it’s not good enough, to improve it.

If you turn on word completion/word collection, manually hyphenated words are stored and later suggested with hyphens.

@gabix: tuen your comment into a workaround solution with additional details about the settings in Tools>AutoCorrect>AutoCorrect Options, Word Completion tab.

As advised by ajlittoz, I repost my comment as a workaround solution:

  1. Go to Format → AutoCorrect → AutoCorrect Options (or Tools → AutoCorrect Options, depending on LO version), Word Completion tab.
  2. Tick Enable word completion and Collect words.
  3. Set Min. word length as desired (I’d set something like 10 to 12 for German, but you should experiment to find the best value).

For other options, RTFM.

Now, when you type a word and manually insert a soft hyphen, it will be stored in the autocompletion word collection and will be suggested later on with a hyphen already in place.

Note that LibreOffice is clever enough to collect only correctly spelled words. Thus, make sure that your words are included in the main or user dictionary and add them as necessary (important for German taking into account its love for all those

In addition, If the soft hyphen occurs within the prefix for autocorrection (I tested that with a hyphen after the first two letters while the prefix has length 3), you must type the soft hyphen to get the suggestions. But my test may be an extreme case.

Remember that it’s not possible to save the list of words and reuse it on new documents, they are picked from the opened documents, and that means that you’ll need to enter the full word at least once on new documents:

Bug 86872 - Word completion: Add ability to save word completion (aka “auto complete”) lists and re-use them

The only workaround is to create a document with the list of words you need (included, if needed, the soft hyphens), and remember to open that document in parallel with the working document.