Fields in header become "normal" text

Hi there,

headers are driving me demented… I seem to be spending half my time trying to fix them.

What is now happening is that I enter some fields in the header (say, chapter name level 1 and 2) and everything is fine. I do that for all the headers and everything looks fine.
Then I save the doc and keep working on it and notice that in my lovely fields what was a “field” has now become editable text and the content is messed up because I have been changing things around, meaning that the headers don’t match the chapters below.

How can I make sure that the non editable fields (those in insert/field/other) stay as fields and don’t become text?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Most likely that’s the result of conversion to the MS Office .doc format. The latest version of MS Word that I have worked with, didn’t have fields for chapter titles, so when you convert a Writer file with such fields to .doc, the fields will be converted to plain text. Always save in the native file format of whatever software you work with.

I know NOW :smiley: :smiley:
I have had a quick try and indeed I had no problems. I had a similar problem with footnotes (some got their layout changed every time I closed and reopened the doc), but saving as odt seems to have solved that problem TOO :slight_smile:
I just wonder, why don’t they write somewhere “SAVE AS ODT”. In my blissful ignorance I never knew it made such a difference (and I often asked myself what the point was of a native format).

I replied to this to help people searching this board before asking a similar question ;).