File size twice as big with calc update

Hello, I have just updated to and I did notice that when I edit my old spreadsheets (version 4.1.6), even if I just “touch” them, the file size doubles.

I wonder if this is ok, I’m sensitive about this as I use several medium sized spreadsheets.

Language is french for both LibreOffice/calc (v4.2.5.2 x86) and OS (Windows 7 x64).

Please provide details of actual file sizes and the file format being used. Thanks.

Actually I can even give the link to the different file versions :

  • New, ods type, 86 Ko

  • Old, ods type, 47 Ko

For information this my (empty) automatic character sheet for a dungeon & dragons-like rpg.

The completed characters suffer the same issue, for exemple 62 to 113 Ko (I can give the link too if needed, all of this is in dropbox).

Thanks for the example files. The only difference between the two files (in terms of file size) is the PNG in the Thumbnails/ sub-directory in the ODSs. After unzipping them into directories named according to the version this is what I see:

$ ls -l v4162/Thumbnails/
total 16
-rw-r--r-- 1 oweng users 12976 Jul  3 12:11 thumbnail.png
$ ls -l v4252/Thumbnails/
total 52
-rw-r--r-- 1 oweng users 53003 Jul 11 22:46 thumbnail.png

That basically accounts for the difference in size. This would appear to be related to the change in thumbnail handling made between v4.1 and v4.2 as described in the answer relating to turning off storing of thumbnails.

So if I understand, this is a well known problem but I can’t solve it until 4.3 version. Ok then.
I was far from suspecting thumbnails anyway, I don’t even use them…

@Basile, you can turn off thumbnail inclusion in v4.2 using the instructions in the linked answer I provided.