FIREBIRD database, Where is "firebird.conf" ?? (LO7022 x64 on Win10))

On a Windows 10 installation, where to find the “firebird.conf” file?
I unzipped MyDatabase.odb using 7zip, but cannot find “firebird.conf” in there.

Basically, I would like to check if what ExternalFileAccess is set to, and set it to ExternalFileAccess = Full, it it’s not set to “Full”.


There is no firebird.conf file in the embedded Base file.

See tdf#135616


firebird embedded external table insert error update

Can the settings usually contained in the firebird.conf be queried with an SQL statement?
Can they also be set via SQL?
If so, would you have some examples at hand?
If not, how to go about adjusting them?
Thanks a lot for your help.

To my knowledge nothing can be done from a user aspect.

Of course you could always install and switch to Firebird server.

When creating a new Firebird database via Menu|File|New|Database ==> Create new Database (Firebird Embedded), what is the default value for ExternalFileAccess? Is it automatically set to ExternalFileAccess = None ?

Can only suppose it is none since there is no file to see if it is set to FULL.

Or maybe this setting does not exist at all for Firebird embedded into Base?

So, I assume at the moment SQL statements like:
CREATE TABLE ext1 EXTERNAL ‘C:\MYFILE.CSV’ ( field1 char(20), field2 smallint );
cannot work, because Firebird “thinks” it’s not allowed to access external CSV files.

Or would there be another way to do this programmatically with Macros?

I seem to recall testing this back when I answered the question in the link. It didn’t work then and the bug report was submitted. Please read that post. Recollection says the CREATE statement works but nothing can be done with that table or data in it.

Don’t see a macro would be of any help.

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