Firebird migration - recordset.first()

Hello everybody,

I’d like to migrate a HSQLDB-Database to a Firebird-Database. In my project there are several hundred lines of Basic code included. And on migrating I got stuck right from the start, as there seems to be no method “first” in the recordset object. For example e method to get the number of records is defined like this:

Function getRecordCount(objResult As Object) As Long
Dim intCount As Long

' Count initialisieren
intCount = 0
' ResultSet durchlaufen
While objResult.Next()
	' Count inkrementieren
	intCount = intCount + 1
' Auf ersten Datensatz positionieren
' RecordCount zurückgeben
getRecordCount = intCount

End Function

Has anyone any ideas to come around this? Or is there an API-Reference?



Please see my answer in this post → firebird equivalent for resultset.last