Fixed Head Row


Ages ago I’ve created a Calc document with a fixed head row, i.e. when scrolling down the page, the first row is always there as title. But unfortunately I can’t remember how I did it and I can’t find any explanation in the manual. Maybe it’s just not my day. Could somebody please give me a hint? Many thanks.

Just click on the row header for row 2, then select Window > Freeze. The first row will always show.

Cool. Many thanks.

This is really bad UX, why under ‘Window’ and not ‘Format’ or ‘Edit’? Why click on the 2nd row when it’s the first row that is being frozen?
It should be available in the context menu of the row, so that if you right click on a row you can freeze up to and including that row, and so you can unfreeze an already frozen section by right clicking on any of the rows.

This has changed in LO 5.1. Not sure where the option can be found in the latest builds.

It’s still under Window in LO though, just FYI.

I agree that window is the last place I expected to find this. So maybe the 5.1 change is a change for the better. Would be great if someone more knowledgable could elaborate where it went.

it is still available but you will have to manually add it to the menu by customising it. You will find the the item called “freeze rows and columns”, in the view category
And yes, It would be nice to know why it was removed.

ok , thanks