Font Color in Tabs

I changed the tabs to a light grey.
The font color on the tabs is white, so I can’t really see the text.
I have looked and looked in the color options and cannot see how to change the font color in the tabs.
Also, nothing is set to “white”, yet the font in the tabs is white.
How is the font color changed in the tabs? FILE, HOME, INSERT, LAYOUT, etc.

you can’t change it. It takes colors from your system theme

Hi Greg,

In LO preferences go to

  1. Application Colors then under general find Font color make it black from automatic,
  2. Accessibility and under Options for High Contrat Appearance select only the top and bottom selections, the middle one link to automatic font color for screen display.

This is a long shot, but these are the only areas that I can see you can change colors or prohibit automatic color changes.
Let me know if it worked for you and remember to hit the checkmark for success.