Font stopped displaying correctly

I am writing chess documents and I was using a font downloaded from the internet (Chess Alpha) to make chess diagrams.

At some point OpenOffice collapsed the white square characters to nothing. That is an empty white square takes no space.

The font shows up just fine in word pad

Is there someplace that Office stores information about fonts, and how do I clear or reset that?

You could try deleting your settings profile (make a backup of it first), instructions are here: Where are the LibreOffice data (profile) files?

Thanks for the reply. I tried deleting the settings and it did not fix the problem.

@newshutz – Did you ever find an answer to your problem?

It’s possible that a new build might display the fonts properly for you.

Please grab a copy of the latest release and test it out. If that doesn’t seem to fix this problem, ping us back :slight_smile:

Eventually, I reinstalled Windows (for other reasons) and things started working.