Formatting bold, italic, and center causes entire document to be bold/italic/centered

I have a 73 page document. When I highlight text from left to right and click the bold icon, the entire document becomes bold.

When I highlight a line of text and click the Center icon, the entire document becomes centered.

A workaround for the bold problem: If I start selecting text on the right side and drag the cursor left, then click the Bold icon, the entire document will not become bold.

I don’t have a workaround for centering because the same trick doesn’t work.

The problem doesn’t occur everywhere. It seems to be happening only on text that I copied and pasted from EditPad Lite 8. So I highlighted that text in LO and cleared formatting, but that doesn’t help stop the problem. I cut the text, pasted into regular Notepad, pasted back into LO, but that didn’t stop the problem.

Default Paragraph Style is set for the Left and Right page styles.
Default Paragraph Style shows Times New Roman, Regular Style, 12 pt Size.

Any suggestions? Maybe this is a known bug? I don’t know where to look for bug reports.

LibreOffice (x64); Windows 10

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That was it! Under the Organizer tab, I had AutoUpdate selected.

I thought that doing so would change a bunch of pre-typed text from 10 point to 12 point automatically. I wonder what is the correct way to do that. I tried putting the cursor in the page with 10 point font and double-clicking the Default Paragraph Style the side bar, but that did not change the font.

To avoid this very common type of issue, learn to work with styles. Not only will your document be more reliable and formatting predictable but you’ll also gain in authoring comfort, power and flexibility. The price to pay for this is 1) to accept to forget everything you do presently in formatting lore, 2) be prepared for a rather steep learning curve. In the end, it is really rewarding.

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