Formatting in Impress notes page not working correctly?

I am attempting to format text in the notes page of a presentation, but it seems that any formatting I apply gets stripped when in the presenter’s console. For instance, I have attempted to insert additional line breaks only to have them stripped out. I set the text up with bullet points but they do not show in the console.

I tried setting up the notes master to have the formatting I wanted and add the text in after the fact, but that also did not work. I also tried a blank master and adding in the text afterward to no avail.

This is pretty frustrating as it shoves all the text together into a big block instead of allowing me to break up the flow of the notes to make it easier to find my place.

I am running version, Build ID:958349dc3b25111dbca392fbc281a05559ef6848 on Mac OS X 10.9.4.

Please refer to “Impress speaker notes” for a temporary work-around solution