Formulas not displaying properly

I have a cell in a spreadsheet (say J2) which contains a formula (say =if(i2=4,“YES”, “NO”)). The trouble is that although I want J2 to display either “YES” or “NO” J2 actually displays “IF(I2=4,“YES”,“NO”)” How do I make J2 display what I want it to, please?

Manov, you’ve got it! The problem was with the commas and semi-colons! If I put a semi-colon separator it doesn’t work, but with commas it does work. Don’t know why, I’m working in English and my help file shows semi-colons, but the expression definitely needs commas! Is this a bug?


Depending on your language, the separator should be semicolon instead of comma.

Verify the option in Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice calc/view - Display: formulas it is not marked.
If not, maybe the cell is formatted as text, if so, every thing you enter is treated as text, not as formula or number. Set the format to default with Ctrl+M, if this not work,
open the Styles and formatting box, and apply the default format by double click it with the cell selected.

Thanks. manov, but …
Tools/Options/LibreOffice Calc/View Display formulas is not marked
Selected Cell and pressed Ctrl-M. No change
Styles and Formatting, Default already marked but selected it anyway - no change.
Any further thoughts?


Sorry about my slip of the keyboard. Yes, when I put the formula in the spreadsheet I used semi-colons, but they mysteriously metamorphosed into commas in my posting. So, regrettably, that’s not the problem!



Maybe you have set the language to Englis-US.
Take a look in Menu/Options/Language settings/language and also in Menu/Options/LibreOffice calc/formulas where the separator can be reassigned.

I have all spell checking disabled, and converting semicolons into commas in formulas when typed seems to be the default behavior for me (in US English) as well - both in Version:, Build ID:, in Fedora Core 20 amd on MacOS Mountain Lion.

The formulas seem to behave normally.

Perhaps the use of semicolons is deprecated in English? This would make the use of commas in functions conform to the function syntax in Excel (spits on ground and crosses self to avoid the evil eye) and maybe some other spreadsheet SW and would make it easier for LO noobs to get started.

Although how would someone type something like SUM(0,4;0,6) in other spreadsheet SW in regions where commas are used as decimal points?