Function Help please

Hi, how can I make the O4 (error:509) cell to show the month that corresponds with the number in the cell bellow 855.
As you cand see 855 Ron belongs to month Decembrie ( December). So how can I make it recognize that the 855 represents month December ?
Can someone please help me with this function ?

Use HLOOKUP in O4. The Value will be the cell below that finds the MAX value. That cell should be 855 RON to match the MAX value found. Also, copy the row with month names to row 16 so the VLOOKUP can find the Month name below the MAX value. Your range for the VLOOKUP will be rows 15 and 16. You can hide row 16 if you don’t want it to be visable.

Ok, good. I get what you’re trying to say, it makes sense, but i don’t understand the way the hlookup works, i’ve tried some tutorials on youtube, but i can’t get it right this is what I came to

and if i apply this it shows me: 900 instead of Decembrie, what am I doing wrong ?

i thought of that and modified after, but now it won’t show me anything …

The last part of your formula should be 2,1 instead of 1,1. You want to lookup the second row. As it is you are looking up row 1 of the range, which returns the value 900.

ty tried that, but now it won’t show anything

unmerge the cells for the bottom two rows, delete the empty ones, and set the formula to the correct row.

it worked, thank you very much