Grouping endnote by chapter for LO 7.0

I have a lot of endnotes and would like to sort them by chapter. I have seen the solution in Grouping Endnotes by Chapter and try to follow the instruction.

It is fine for me to use footnotes, as endnotes, as long they can be placed on the end of the document.

If I try to configure in LO Using menu → Tools → Footnotes and endnotes → Tab “footnotes” I can set the radiobutton “Position” to “End of document” But then I am not able to change the “Start at” combobox.

If I switch, just to test, from Position to “End of page” then I am able to select “Start at” to “Per chapter”
Is this a bug or do I miss something?

When you position the notes at end of document, the Start at menu is disabled to avoid a number ambiguity. Writer uses a single sequence counter which cannot be customised to prefix it with the chapter number. Therefore, a note number which would be reset at the start of every chapter would be ambiguous, even with the trick of repeating the chapter heading in the notes as done in 70590/grouping-endnotes-by-chapter.

Since your requirement is to group (number) notes by chapter, would it be acceptable for you to position your chapter notes at end of every chapter?

If so, make your chapters a section:

  • select chapter heading and its content
  • Insert>Section
  • press Options; in Footnotes/Endnotes tab, check Collect at end of text and Restart numbering
  • OK, OK

Repeat for each chapter.

Setting can be different for footnotes and endnotes (thus keeping “global” notes at end of document rather than at each chapter).

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@ajlittoz, No, it is not acceptable for me to mention the notes after each chapter. I do not want to distract the reader with notes. Only the real interested reader/researcher will view the notes. What is acceptable for me is to continue the numbering. So chapter 1, has the notes 1 to 4, and chapter 2 has the notes 5 to 7. The reader can select first the chapter, with chapter heading, and then view the notes. I must admit I got lost in the previous mentioned thread.

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To make things simple about question 70590: the trick is to insert a “fake” note in the chapter heading with Insert>Footnote & Endnote>Footnote or Endnote so that you can choose the character for the footnote anchor (a space in this case). The note content is made of Insert>Field>More Fields to echo the chapter number, name, … The only thing which can’t be automatically selected is the page number. If you need it, it is an explicit cross-reference to the designated chapter (it is another field but it is not “dynamic”; thus simply copying and pasting the note text will not work for the next chapter page).

Don’t forget to change the paragraph style so that this chapter heading separator in the notes will look like a heading (centered, bold, space above and below, …)

@ajlittoz, that does the job as I like. Thanks for the good explanation.