Has any thought been given to tabbed pages in documents?

like chrome or firefox has tabbed web pages? not sure what this box is for, i would just like to know if there are or will be tabbed browsing in libo’s writer? having my doc’s as tabs and to b able to switch between them would be very productive.

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I think your question and general description could use some serious improvement. What specifically are you envisaging the tabs across the top of the Writer window representing? A section (Insert > Section…), a page (e.g., page style), some other user-defined part of a document, or a whole document (ODT)?

How such a facility might be implemented and managed depends on a lot of different factors, depending on what it is you have in mind. It may require ODF specification support if you have some sub-division of a single document in mind. Alternatively, it could easily require extensive User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) code re/writing and possibly even a rework of the memory management.

Remember that an ODF can be large - significantly larger and more complex than a web page. Having several open at once could consume a lot of RAM. I realised you have tagged your question with the writer tag, but this type of interface change could effectively apply to all components.

The simple answer to the aspect of your question about whether any thought has been given to such a facility, is yes, quite a bit. Here is an indication:

  • FDO#31481: Side-by-side windows / split pane. Not tabs but related to the general idea and even being suggested as a possible combination with tabs as shown in this mock-up. Note however that this is a Writer-specific enhancement. Heavily debated in the original AOO#19291 bug. AOO#38551 about a split screen view for HTML source and display is also related.
  • FDO#33173: Implement tabbed “divisions” as they exist in Lotus Word Pro. Comment #3 mentions using bookmarks as a possible workaround. Original AOO bug is AOO#20701. These “divisions” appear to be arbitrary and hierarchical.
  • FDO#37134: Implement a tabbed document interface “similar to Firefox, Opera, gedit.” Original AOO bug is AOO#12686. These “divisions” appear to be on a per-document basis.
  • Feb 2011: Mailing list thread (short) about tabbed windows extensions.
  • May 2011: Mailing list thread about a Word-like tab-based facility “that allows you to have multiple Word documents own in tabs, like you have for Firefox or IE.”
  • June 2011: Mailing list thread about “tabbed documents a la Lotus Symphony”. Above mock-up against fdo#31481 and this one are produced, as is this side-drawer-like alternative concept.
  • March 2012: Another mailing list UI design mock-up thread.

My personal view is that this facility would appear to involve a lot of work for little gain, but again this is dependent upon what is envisaged.

yes, tabs are never nice and user friendly feature seriously worth considering. Like those use in IE, FIREFOX, CHROME for each new page open. in LO case, each new/recent document open in each respective application. It will be more easy to organise otherwise will crowd the taskbar.

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I would prefer to use the side-by-side windows with a split pane. It is useful when answering lengthy or complex mail. It is also helpful when comparing two different documents. I can’t tell from this page whether this is already available or not? If so, can you point me to the process for splitting the pane or opening two documents side/side?

This feature is not currently available. The first bullet point in my answer gives links to the related open bugs (enhancement requests).

I’m an author, and with every project I start, I have at least three documents that contain information I need to refer to. Having those on a tabbed interface is perfect for me, then I can switch between them really easily. The little windows on the taskbar are far more inconvenient.
A tabbed interface can be set to not operate at all, or to show only when there is more than one document open. Since they’re open anyway, adding a more convenient way to switch between documents wouldn’t add much.

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