Have replaced file and need to replace with previous version... how?

Replace/ restore .docs with previous version?

Hi @garryumphress, Could you please clarify what information you’re seeking? Are you trying to recover a document that you have overwritten?

If you have activated the backup option, in:
Menu/Tools/Options/Load-Save/General - Always create a backup copy.
Maybe you can find the backup in the path set in:
Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Paths - Backup.
Good luck.

Neat! I didn’t know about that feature!

See also → How to recover former version of document.

i have done the same thing . . .pressed yes when asked do you want to replace the file named “…” i thought i was putting the same file in place an had in fact cicked no several times the box kept appearing because i now believe it was trying to close another document and somehow . . . i now have a named document overwritten with a different file and no way beack to the document that was over written.

i did not have back up file and nor did i have versions saved .

Hi @tamm26, If you’ve saved file A over file B in LibreOffice, there’s usually not much you can do within LO to recover file B. You could look in the same directory for save files, or use some kind of recovery program suited for your operating system, but unfortunately file A may be unrecoverable.