Heading 1 style definition to have a index where a part oh heading is hidden

I am writing a song book.
There is a song in each page and page starts with this title:

song title author

I assigned Heading 1 to the title.
Heading 1 is defined to have a page break before.

I would like to get a index of song where only the song title is listed and author is hidden.

How can I get it?

Make two lines, one for the song title and one for the author.
Author gets e.g. heading 6 or 10 (as far as I know is not included in the index by default).

song title

IMHO it also looks nicer.

I would like to have all information in a line

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You could put the author in a frame and append title in the line.

Frame in Writer

80843 HB Titel and frame

80843 HB Titel and frame.odt (10,6 KB)

how to define the style of that frame?

Please see the link above.

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could you make an example?
how to define the style of that frame?

Another possibility is to keep your full Heading 1 line with title and author.

You select the song title and add an index entry over the song title.

Then you get a TOC in page order (which could be handy if you group the songs by author, though having the name of the author repeated over and over may not be very nice).

You also insert an Alphabetical Index which would sort on song title, without author.

You are free to display both tables or only one of them.

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