Hebrew letters are reversed


From the get-go, Hebrew letters appear reversed on PDF files that i insert into the software, as you can see in the screenshot.

For those among you who speak english, for explanation purpose, Its like the word “apple” appears “elppa”.

I use version 7.2.2.

couldn’t find any solution on the internet.

Does anyone have a clue?

Can this help?


Languages Using Complex Text Layout

I mean, all of us reading this site either speak English or can use a translation service to understand it. But some of us can read Hebrew as well. :slight_smile:

The question could be improved by adding with text, not only an image: “It should say כל הידע האנושי but it shows ישונאה עדיה לכ instead”. Images alone are notoriously difficult to work with on a Q&A site.

“I mean, all of us reading this site either speak English”
You are right. I expressed myself poorly. sorry about that.

The question is tagged as writer, and is about draw. @Danielakte, Can you edit that? Thanks.

The edit sign is not there anymore.
Maybe since its been a day?
If any mode can edit it for me, I’ll be thankful.

This is bug 104597. Apparently in the PDF filter, the characters are inserted instead of appended, or vice versa, and no one has been able to fix it yet.

The question was also asked at Hebrew PDF is flipped which offers a possible workaround.

Another workaround is to open the file in a normal PDF reader and then copy and paste the text into Draw.

Generally I avoid opening PDF files in LibreOffice when possible, as there are often problems.

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I tried the trick that the member alexcohn suggested in the link that you referred me to. Didn’t work for me.

Also tried that. The text itself moved and is shown (Readable), but now the style of the text is ruined (The text looks like it was taken from txt file).
Is it avoidable?

Also, Can you recommend on another software that will do the trick?
preferably a free software.


Try pasting as unformatted text with Ctrl + Shift + V. That way it will not change existing formatting. You may need to leave some of the existing characters at first to preserve the formatting, then delete them after pasting.

What precisely do you want to do? Foxit is free and can make some changes to PDF files. For a paid solution, years ago I used Adobe PDF Acrobat Writer.

Normally, there should be no need to edit PDF files, because they are generated from a source .odt file or similar, so work directly with the source file instead. In this case I assume you do not have the source files anymore or else you wouldn’t be asking.