How can I calculate aggregate sums in Calc?

Assume I have a table like the following:

Mammal | Cow      | 17
Mammal | Horse    |  5
Mammal | Pig      | 11
Bird   | Duck     | 12
Bird   | Goose    |  8
Fish   | Sturgeon |  3
Fish   | Carp     | 14
Fish   | Trout    | 26

I would like to calculate sums across the third column, based on the value of the first. Like:

Mammal | 33
Bird   | 20
Fish   | 40

In a SQL database I would just do


How can I automate this in Calc? Auto-update (sum changes as soon as I change anything in the first table) would be nice, but is not mandatory.

Use a Pivot Table.

To do this, insert a new first row. Enter “Type” in A1, “Animal” in B1, and “Count” in C1. Then select cells A1 through C9, go to Data → Pivot Table → Create, and press OK.

In the Pivot Table Layout dialog, drag “Type” to Row Fields, and “Count” to Data Fields. Then press OK.

Type            Sum - Count
~~~~            ~~~~~~~~~~~
Bird            20
Fish            43
Mammal          33
Total Result    96

To update, right-click on the pivot table and choose Refresh.

Sounds good, except that the menu item you describe is missing. Under Data > Pivot Table, I only see Refresh and Delete—the Create item is not there. LO on Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS.

Got it. It’s under Insert > Pivot Table in later versions, albeit even Help still points to the old location.

My instructions were made using LO, so it would seem that the newer location is the Data menu. Alas, the menu changes frequently between releases.