How can I change the background colors on the Toolbar and Menus

I’m using a Toshiba 64-bit laptop, running Windows 10 Home, 8gb memory, 1Tb hard drive.

I recently downloaded Libre Office and have been trying to change the background colors of the Toolbar and Menus, mainly in Writer since I use it the most. I’ve tried various things but nothing seems to work. It is currently a light gray and some of the icons are very difficult to see. Thanks for any suggestions you can make.

You can do this with LO themes:

From the menu choose Tools->Options then under LibreOffice->Personalization then Select Theme button. Then pick a category, wait for the selections to fill from the internet and select one or choose a different category.

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No can do
(unless you download the source, change the relevant parts and compile it yourself).

Oh, that’s too bad. Some of those icons are almost invisible on that background.
I don’t know the programming language, how to download it, or how to compile it, or I might give it a shot. Batting a 1,000, on the negative side. Is there a tutorial on how to do all that kind of stuff?

Thanks for the prompt answer about the color.

To improve the visibility of the icons you could try a different icon set and/or icon size, via the menu “Tools : Options…” > LibreOffice > View > icon size and style". ( the Large Galaxy icons are well visible in my theme… )