How can I control the appearance of hyperlinks in Calc?

I’d like to change the size proportion (width, height) of the buttons that represent hyperlinks in Calc. (“button” option used, not “text”)

I would also like to change font, font color and font size for the text on the buttons
if that can be done.
Can anybody help, please?

Addendum: I should have mentioned that clicking the button’s border or ALT+Click to select the button does not work for me.

LibreOffice Version (Build ID: da8c1e6)) on Win32 XP SP3

Open the Form Design toolbar (View->Toolbars->Form Design). The second icon on the toolbar, to the right of the Select arrow toggles Design Mode on and off. In design on mode a number of the other icons on the toolbar will be active.

In Design on mode you can click the button and you will see green handles along the edges of the button. You can drag these handles to re-size the button.

To change the font color and size, right-click the button in design on mode and choose Control on the context menu that opens. The General tab has a Font option. Click on the elipsis … to the right of the font field to bring up a dialog box where you can choose the font, font size and font effects (color).

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