How can I get a split view of a document (like in MS Word)?

Is there a possibility to divide the windows like it is possible MS Word?

(A part of me really hopes the key accelerators for this are Ctrl-x 2 and Ctrl-x 3 :slight_smile:

Glad to see that Emacs fans are still alive :slight_smile:

Real answer for a solution that’s more usable than just having a screen split is this one and not the currently accepted. You can edit a single document with multiple windows and the content changes in all of them! Quite like Emacs. :slight_smile:

Short answer: at the moment, no.

It’s been a long-standing feature request:

  • Bug #31481 - Nov. 2010 (split view for 2 documents)
  • Bug #42428 - Oct. 2011 (split view for single document)

It was first reported in Apache OpenOffice in 2003:

It would be interesting to bring this to discussion on the user interface and visual design mailing list.

Well, that’s the opportunity to try out our new featurerequest tag :slight_smile:

Actually there kind of is: menu Window → New Window

This is even better. I opened the 2 windows side by side, plus the Navigaotr (Ctrl-Shift-F5), and the efficiency in writing long documents sky rockets.

Too bad I don’t have enough points yet to vote this up.

I think this is the answer. Too bad it was not selected as such. This works as well as the other solution found in MS-Word, possibly better in some circumstances (i.e. I can move my windows to really have two times the text on the screen vertically side by side, which I could not do with Microsoft office.)

And why does the function exist in Calc and not in Writer?

You mean the menu Window → New Window? It’s there. I think it’s awesome!

Window | New Window works in Print Layout view, but not in Web Layout view (!). In LO, if I open a new window and then change to Web Layout view, the other window closes and Window | New Window grays out. Here’s a request for New Window to work regardless of layout view!

It was probably much easier to implement in Calc than it would be in Writer. Windows in both apps are really not equivalent.