How can I get the cells that repeat in lists from multiple sheets?


Sheet A

Col A

Sheet B

Col A

Sheet C

Col A

I want to get in other sheet, all the values from Col A, from each sheet, that have occurrence > 1 (repeated) and it’s count. In this example would be:

image description

How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

hello @kdev:

a try for a ‘KISS’ approach, simpler / smarter solutions welcome, it leaves some manual work - re-triggering after change in source data, i’d be curious whether somebody has a dynamic solution based on formulas? if not: enhancement request - ‘dynamic filters’? :

assuming you know your sheet with the most rows - let’s say there are 10 (if not look around how to circumvent various sizes):

try the following formula in sheet4 A1:A10 =IF($'Sheet A'.A1<>"";$'Sheet A'.A1;""), and adopted for ‘Sheet B’ in A11:A20, and for ‘Sheet C’ in A21:A30,

and the following formula in sheet4 B1:B10 =IF($'Sheet A'.A1<>"";SUMPRODUCT($'Sheet A'.A1=$'Sheet A'.A$1:$'Sheet A'.A$10)+SUMPRODUCT($'Sheet A'.A1=$'Sheet B'.A$1:$'Sheet B'.A$10)+SUMPRODUCT($'Sheet A'.A1=$'Sheet C'.A$1:$'Sheet C'.A$10);0), i let the adoption to ‘Sheet B’ and ‘Sheet C’ for cells B11:B20 and B21:B30 to you,

now you have a list with all values in col ‘A’ and their occurence in col ‘B’ … but with duplicates … to filter them out apply [data - filter - standard filter] with condition ‘col ‘B’ > 1’, options ‘no duplicates’, and ‘copy output to’ say Sheet5.A1,

mission accomplished, sheet5 has your wishlist,


  • variable size of ranges with data in the source, somebody will come up with a solution,
  • not ‘dynamic’, after change in data you have to re-trigger the filtering, see above request for enhancement

i’d intentionally not provide a readymade sheet, i’d like to let you some fun, some learning success and gaining self confirmation,

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Thank you so much, this works.

Best regards