How can I have my background extend past the print margins?

I’m trying to set up a PDF to use with Amazon’s “CreateSpace” service. They suggest that although text must be confined to specific margins, an image may run to the edge. In fact, they suggest the image should be slightly larger than your book dimensions. I’m interested in the page having a black background that extends to the edge. Background color seems restricted to the print margins. Should I try creating a solid black image? Is any of this possible with LibreOffice?

Please see this thread:

Thanks! It works, after a bit of effort. Made a 4000x5000 pixel image in GIMP and inserted it. Slightly out of date, as it says “Image” instead of “Picture”. Also had issues trying to select text, plus selecting black text on a black background is even worse, but changing the font color was an easy solution. You see the text again when you do the “wrap in background”… the image seems to have gotten shrunk upon insert. I had to make the size larger again in the image properties.

This is not a good solution.
If you want select text is not possible because the program select the image instead.
The pierre-yves samyn solution works well.

Hi - For information, there is also another method used in the BlackBackGround.odt attached example. The principle is to put the margins to zero and replace them with a page border, spacing contents to the borders.To reproduce:

  1. File > New > Text Document
  2. Format > Page:
  • Page tab > Margins: set all the margins to zero
  • Area tab: confirm the warning message about margin settings and choose the Fill Mode (color, bitmap…)
  • Border tab: select All four borders, Spacing to Contents: replace with the desired values for the margins.

In your case, if you apply a black background, you also change the color of the default paragraph style. Borders being default black it is not necessary to change their color.

Just a tip: do not print such documents unless you have a lot of black ink :slight_smile:


Very good idea…
For me is the only possible solution.