How can I make an entry on sheet1 and make it appear on sheet 2 also?

Want to transfer data to a different spreadsheet with one entry.

If you want something like carbon-copy then select sheet1 and sheet2 with Ctrl+LeftClick then write into a cell and close input with Alt+Enter. If that is not what you want then define your question more precisely.

Interesting. I didn’t know that one. Just to clarify, because it’s not specified in the original question: With this solution, if one entry is changed, the “carbon-copy” entries are not updated.

The are a few ways of doing this.

Say you have a cell in worksheet called Sheet2 in which you want to refer to the cell A1 in Sheet1, then in the cell in Sheet2 you can enter =$Sheet1.$A$1

Another way is to give the cell, you want to share, a name. You do this by selecting the cell and in the name box (which is above the sheet to the left) enter the name foo. In another sheet you can refer to this name by entering =foo.

Also note that a name doesn’t have to be just a single cell.

You may want to also try using, , , , and then select in the options section. This creates a link between the 2 cells, so whenerver you change the original cell, it is also changed in the 2nd location. This will work across different sheets

What worked for me was: =Sheet1B2. No $ signs. Where B2 in sheet1 was copied to sheet2B6 where I wanted it. Thanks for the answer.

Try the Help Menu.

Under references;to cells in other sheets/documents, it gives instructions.

TL;DR: Hjek is correct.