How can I make tickets I need to print out 200

Maybe 10 to a page I guess

What you should use feature which alowes createing labels: FileNewLabel. You should have your data in some kind of database format (Calc, Base…). See Help page about making labels. You could benefit from reading link about making databases in Related topics section of linked page. Please, feel free to edit your question and provide additional information if you need any additional help. Good structured questions tend to get best answers. Good luck.

Great! Is there a way that I could number each ticket sequentially?

I guess you could add numbers to you spreadsheet and put that. Think you could find this usefull: How can I put a sequential number on a mail merge label?. Accept this answer if helped. Thanks.

  • Set a page size smaller than the paper they will be printed on.
  • Insert a page number field in the header.
  • When printing set Pages per sheet: Custom, and choose the number of rows and columns necessary (BEWARE that if you choose 0, LibreOffice will crash; bug fdo#137183).

image description

See sample file with 4 horizontal pages in a A4 paper.

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You can add leading zeros (e.g. 00001).

If you need to start at a specific ticket number (say 101), you should use the options found in menu Format - Paragraph… - Text Flow tab.

See the LibreOffice help on how To Start With a Defined Page Number.

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