How can I move tables in Writer?

go to the beginning of the first cell. press alt+enter. the table will be shifted to the next page. right click inside the table. go to Table>Text Flow>Text Flow. Uncheck Break. and done. Or just play around with that Break. The radio button of Page should be unchecked.

There is no Table->“Text Flow” in v4.2.4.

i’m having the exact same problem. it doesn’t matter if you call it an enhancement or a bug, one is a euphemism, and the other a dysphemism. the bottom line is that i can’t use libre write because moving a table to where it belongs is such a basic task, that if it doesn’t work, it’s broken.
sure you could put in the x and y coordinates of the table under manual format, but really ?
i bought a $2500 bicycle, but without the $10 chain, it’s worthless. yes it will roll downhill, and it looks really good, but it’s useless as a mode of transportation.
please let me know when this problem is fixed so i can patch my libre office.

Bug reports and enhancement requests are off-topic for this site.

I totally agree that this is inexcusable programming.

The statement above, “It is not a BIG bug but it is inconsistent with what you expect from other word processors AND it is inconsistent with MOVING other objects within LibreOffice” sums up the problem and clearly displays the ignorant attempt to justify poor programming when trying to reinvent the wheel. There is no excuse for not following the many examples of other good methodologies.

I have been able to do these things in simple fashion in word processing since the 1980’s. This attitude is one of the reasons for the poor acceptance of Linux across the board. When there are not good basic programs such as word processors, we can surely understand the source of the brokenness of the system.

We need to stop making excuses and start agreeing on the facts of the matter, and only then can we all move forward in fixing the problems.

“Inexcusable”? Oh you are the one who may grant or deny excuses from those who granted their labor to you for free? Anything you write, be it sensible or not, is invalidated by the attitude you show in the word - so I wouldn’t recommend anyone waste time reading this “answer”.

Here’s what I have to say to all those programmers who share such illogical ideas:

"I’d be glad to pay, if it were something worth paying for. Right now it is just installed on distros as a stop-gap measure until something worthwhile comes alone.

"Now I realize that you are just programming to serve yourself, but you fail to realize that you are also promoting the worldwide use of your program. Therefore, you need to change your focus when you involve others.

“Just get off your high horse and do your job. People here have great ideas and they should be implemented immediately. You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. If you wish to be part of the solution, then pay attention to those with the good ideas. And it wouldn’t hurt at all to copy the good ideas of those who went before.”

So yes, it is inexcusable.