How can I open LibreOffice after downloading with Internet Explorer?

I have Windows 7-64 Bit OS. I can download Libre Office but I cannot open it. By default LO tries to open in Adobe, which it cannot do. Then I have chosen to open LO with Internet Explorer and LO will still not open no matter what I do or program I try to open it with. The download was completed.
Thank you.

Could you please explain which steps you took to open LibO?
Are you sure you downloaded the right version?
From where did you make the download?
This information will help to find the cause and solution.

OP: @WB1

My guess is that you downloaded the installer with Internet Explorer and the file extension was renamed to man.

This is a known bug in Internet Explorer

All you need to do is to keep the same name and change the extension from .man to .msi

I downloaded the latest version from the LO home page. I clicked on the link in LO to start the download and the download went smoothly. I just can’t open the download of 209 megabytes.

Please add additional information like this to the question, not as an answer. Thanks

Just tell everyone not to donate until it gets fixed