How can I prevent and/or fix extra spaces when I'm copying and pasting a doubled spaced work from another document?

The situation that I have is that when I’m copying and pasting a doubled spaced text from another document to the one I’m using and modifying the paragraphs, there is always an extra space that I don’t want, which is separating a sentence or two from the paragraph it belongs to. I’ve read a lot of articles on how to fix it by using styles but nothing has worked. If there is someone who has or had the same problem that I have, could the person, if you have solved the problem, help me please? I’m writing a manuscript (a novel), but I decided to copy and paste the chapters individually into separate documents, that way I didn’t had a mess while I was editing. I repeat: the situation is that when I copy and paste a doubled spaced text (chapter) —which is doubled spaced on purpose, that’s one the rules on writing a manuscript—, there is always some wanted extra space that separates some paragraphs and sentences that belong together into another page. Please help me. Thank you so much!

Copy text from original document, do CTRL + SHIFT + V on the new one and choose Unformatted text. This should remove all original styling. This will remove bold text also, so there is some trade off. Are you sure that some ‘double spaced’ lines are not actually separated as new paragraphs instead of being double spaced? Try CTRL + F10 and see what gives. Also, are you copying from LO to LO or from other word processor?

Hello, Kruno! I’m copyig from LO to LO. There are some doubled spaced paragraphs in the document, but the thing is that some of them don’t reach the bottom margin, which is leaving me with the unwanted space, separating a few sentences (and paragraphs) —moving them into another page, which is something that I do not want.

Try to disable widow and orphan control: right click on style you’re using, choose Modify, go to tab Text flow and uncheck Orphan control and Widow control.

Is that it?

Thank you so much!