how can I stop template-1 appearing at pdf title on pdfs made from writer document?

When I make a pdf from an odt doc, attach the pdf to an email message, when the receiver opens the pdf, it has the title template-1. Is there a way to stop happening automatically rather than manually changing in each odt doc the description?

My PDFs from unnamed files are titled Untitled 1.pdf - Please describe how you create the PDF (need to assume that you create your PDF from a file called template-1, since the title of the PDF shown in PDF readers is the name of the file).

Yes, the odt file has template-1 as its description in properties. If I remove this, the created pdf take the title of the odt file. If I leave it, the pdf file takes the title template-1 when downloaded by a receiver. How can I remove template-1 as the description of odt documents automatically, rather than having to do it manually for each document?