How can we have text fields of undefined size in Writer?


Most is in the title…

when you make forms, for questionnaire, and you don’t know the potential size of the text to be written (it can be as well a simple Yes answer, or a full explanation of several lines. Then to have a nice results at the end, you need to have the size a the field adapting itself to actual needs.
How can we do that?

Thanks very much for your help.

I think not, and I think you know that the text box do no limit the text at box size.

I do not think your enhancement request, is so easy to understand and implement in a form.
How the field must be grow?, wider, higher or both and on which side first?.
How the other fields in the form, must be arranged?

If you are talking about LO Base, you can use a memo (longvarchar) type for fields. A memo can hold a text of undefined size. Usually you should use a multiline text box in dialogs and forms to enter a memo text. You should also consider that a memo text is less eficient than a fixed-length field, so a varchar type is usually better than a memo type.

I was talking of a form in Writer (as said in the tag :slight_smile: ) So your proposal can’t help me.